Welcome to the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Store!

For the past 14 years, Concepts Unlimited was proud to be the official and exclusive vendor for the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Foundation. We offered a wide array of products over the years and did our best to meet your needs, desires and expectations. After recent discussions between the Alumni Foundation and us, we each decided to explore other opportunities and mutually agreed to end our long relationship.

Our relationship with the Alumni Foundation began in 1996 and has endured continuously for nearly three decades. It was a great run, but nothing lasts forever. We thank the Alumni Foundation for the faith they had in us over the years and hope we honored that faith with great service, quality products and reliable performance. As we chart new paths forward, we do so on a positive note and we wish the Alumni Foundation and all Technites across the globe the best in the future.

We are so appreciative of your patronage over the years...so until we meet again...thank you!

To visit the Brooklyn Tech Foundation website, click here:  https://www.bthsalumni.org/